This wiki houses the First Light Project. Mr. Cooper and his astronomy class developed this project for the International Year of Astronomy to demonstrate the power of Google Earth and Sky in helping students visualize various educational principles of astronomy. We hope that this project will encourage you to learn about famous astronomers and the telescopes they are using to unlock the mysteries of space. If you would like to contribute to our layer, please contact the project coordinator, Thomas Cooper (thomas.cooper@thewalkerschool.org), at the Walker School in Marietta, GA.
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Project Goals and Outcomes
1, Gain an understanding of the milestones in the history of astronomy.
2. Learn about significant developments in optics and spectroscopy and other technologies related to modern telescopes.
3. Discover the diversity of objects in space.
4. Use collaborative tools to work with other students.

Basic Steps of the Project
1. Have students join our community of learners.
2. Study a particular Astronomer
3. Create a layer on a land-based telescope that was used by this astronomer.
4. Create a layer on steller objects discovered by this astronomer and/or telescope.
5. Post your layer to the School Layer page
6. Use the discussion tab on the School Layer page to peer review others work.
7. Notify the project coordinator to add your layer to our composite layer.
8. Us the composite layer to reserach and discuss various issues in the history of astronomy and the exploration of space.

Optional Steps
1. Create a layer about the objects in our solar system, such as planets, planetoids, asteroids and comets.
2. Create a layer about the various probes that have visited or are about to visit objects in our solar system.
3. Create a layer on various types of stars and what we know about their chemical and thermal properties.

Calendar of Events
We have created a calendar of events to help you plan to complete this project. On the calendar we have also scheduled online conservations using Elluminate for teachers to get together, talk about the project, voice any questions and concerns, and to help build our community. We will also be offering monthly tutorials on how to use Google Earth. These sessions will be the last Monday of each month at 8 pm EST, excluding holidays. Sessions will be recorded and posted in the session archive on our site. Completion dates provided on the calendar are only suggestions. Schools may enter the project at any time during the year and data may be posted at any time up until May 30th when the project closes for the year.

* Previous project sessions are stored on the "Archives " page of The Networked Learner wiki.

Composite Layer in Google Earth/Sky
Students constructed a composite layer in Google Earth/Sky on various ground-based observatories, planets, survey probes, and stellar objects as part of their capstone project. You can find directions for contributing to our layer under the "Documents" page.